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Penelope’s Favourite Hummus!

homemade hummus

Trying to think of healthy new food options can be challenging; it’s boring to eat the same salads and veggies all day every day, and coming up with new delicious entrees can be enticing but annoying.

Hummus is something that can be used in so many different ways. This Mediterranean chickpea mix can be used as a dip for pita or chips, as a spread for sandwiches or as an accent for a delicious veggie burger. It’s also super simple to make; you can make a large batch and keep it in the fridge or freezer for enjoying later.

Make some hummus for friends to seem like a top exotic-cuisine chef!

-  1 can chickpeas (do not drain, you use the liquid too!)
-  2 spoons tahini
- 3 cloves garlic
- 2 spoons olive
- lemon juice
- chili flakes

Step 1: Drain chickpeas and set aside liquid from can.
Step 2: Combine ingredients in blender and blend for 3 minutes
Step 3:  Add liquid from chickpeas and blend for about 5 more minutes (until you see it’s smooth)

Serve with warm pita or dip with cold veggies, and you’re ready to get cool and yummy!


No-Poo (Stop Before you Scroll)!


There are a lot of weird beauty trends that float around the internet, but this is a solution that can actually make your beauty routine a lot easier.

Your hair is your crowning glory, and good hair days make everything in life better. It’s the worst when your hair is oily, and even if it doesn’t look bad, just the feeling of having fatty locks can make your head feel heavy and put your mood down in the dumps.

Often, the reason for overly oily hair is the use of shampoo. Shampoo actually dries out your hair by stripping it of its natural oils, and so your scalp tries to compensate by overproducing extra oil. This is the reason that washing your hair every day with commercial shampoos can cause damage; you’ll then need to wash your hair every day to keep the oil away, and this is definitely no fun.

So get ready for the solution: baking soda. The newest idea to keep your hair healthy and fresh is a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. This may sound crazy, but it’s easy, cheap and simple to do:

1) Mix 1 spoon of baking soda with 2 spoons of the vinegar
2.) Apply to wet hair, just like you would with normal shampoo, scrub and rinse
3) You can choose to add coconut or lavender oil to hair to get rid of the vinegar smell

The first week or so may be a hard transition time for your hair, for it to get used to this new routine, but don’t despair. Give it a little time and you’ll have infinitely happier and healthier hair!


Insider’s Tip: July Winner!

insiders tip winner SHE'S DRESSING UP

Hello you tan summery beauties! Today is an especially fantastic day, because we are finally able to tell you who the winner of last month’s Insider’s Tip is: Nicola of She’s Dressing Up! Congrats Nicola! This lucky girl will be featured on insidefruits for the entire month of June, and will also receive a stylish new patterend backpack to see her through the rest of the summer and the transition to autumn!

If you’ve haven’t heard about Nicola or She’s Dressing Up, then you’re surely missing out. She started her personal site in 2008 after admiring tons of style sites already online, and then decided to show off her own. And we’re super happy she did, because her style is something worth staring at!

On She’s Dressing Up, Nicola not only shows off her own style, but also makes cool collages and outfit sets of lustworthy pieces that should belong in all of our wardrobes. So not only is she an inspiration herself, but also hunts, gathers and collects inspo for all her readers!

Congratulations again Nicola! Keep up the beautiful work you display on She’s Dressing Up!

On a slightly sadder note, due to the technical difficulties we have been experiencing, there will be no Insider’s Tip this month. :(


to bag splurge or save

1. 2. 3.

A designer bag carries the same things as a normal one does, but it also carries reputation and status. However, is that enough of a reason to spend 3 months worth of rent on a tote of leather with a little high-end insignia on it?

The Chanel Boy, the Givenchy Antigona, the Celine Nano; all of these names have one thing in common: they are an instant symbol of ‘chic’. Speaking about seeing the latest un-affordable accessory already puts you on a certain level of fashion know-how, and actually having one swinging from the crook of your arms puts you on a pedestal. Girls who know all about these bags but can’t afford them will look at you with envy, and girls with the same tote will eagerly try to decipher if yours is fake or not.

Purchasing one of these beauties has lifetime value; it is not just a purchase, it is an investment. But when we really stop to think about it, is this investment worth it? For the price of one Chanel purse, we can afford a wide variety of more affordable dresses, shoes and accessories. For the price one Louis Vuitton, we can pay the rent for two months.

It’s no doubt that status and popularity are important in today’s society, but buy a ‘big-buy’ bag because you actually find it beautiful, not just to gather fashionable friends and foes because of the vehicle you tote your things around in.


5 Things We Love About Summer!


Summer is awesome, agreed? Sunshine & blue skies… what’s not to love? Summer is definitely my favourite season by far! I’ve put together the best things about summer for you, which will surely put you in a summery mood if you’re not quite there yet : – )

1) Lemonade! Who doesn’t love lemonade? Nobody drinks lemonade in the winter, so enjoy it while you can! You can also easily make your own from scratch, which is a fun summer activity (and it tastes soooo good!). Experiment with different fruits like mango or kiwi to give your lemonade a little more oomph.
2) Swimming! Of course you can also swim indoors in the winter, but it’s not half as fun, is it? You also won’t get a tan. Going for a swim either on your own or with friends is such great fun and if you squeeze in a few laps you’ll have done a bit of exercise as well.
3) Summer salads! As the temperatures soar, pork chops and gravy are probably not going to make you feel so great. When it’s hot outside our bodies yearn for fresh and light cuisine that doesn’t weigh us down (a.k.a. lots of fruits and veggies). Enter summer salads! There are thousands of different salads you can make, and Pinterest is sure to give you all the inspiration you need : – )
4) Skirts & dresses! Of course you can also wear skirts and dresses during winter, but it’s just not the same. You have to wear tights and boots, and it just doesn’t have that carefree and relaxed quality.
5) Sandals and painting your toenails!  Colourful toenails make us happy and that’s a fact. Choose strong corals or neon yellow hues to really get those summer vibes going. Opt for sandals so everyone can see your happy summer feet : – )

What do you love about summer? Let me know in a comment below!


The Birkenstock Trend

The Birkenstock Trend

1. 2. 3.

Ok, don’t freak out! I know Birkenstocks were once pretty much the least cool shoes on the planet (except for Crocs maybe) and words like ‘chunky’ and ‘ugly’ come to mind, but things have changed. Bloggers around the globe are incorporating Birkenstock shoes into their outfits and strutting their stuff in these comfortable and functional shoes; without looking like hobos or hippies, I might add. Birkenstock now equals street style chic and if you’re not convinced, let me give you some styling ideas for the coolest shoe on the block at the moment.

1) If you’re a little unsure whether you like this trend or not, you might want to start off with a Birkenstock-inspired shoe instead of the real thing. These can be a little more elegant and a little less ’functional’.
2) Keep the rest of your outfit relatively elegant. I’m talking feminine jumpsuits or flowing dresses. Your Birkenstocks will look great as a contrast.
3) Birkenstocks don’t have to be beige or brown. Opt for pink, green or blue to really make a fashion statement this summer.
4) I know they’re pricy, but designer Birkenstock-inspired shoes are also an option. Check out Marni or Givenchy- they interpreted the Birkenstock trend really well (in my opinion). Think fluorescent materials and exciting colours. Basically: a luxe reinterpretation of the classic Birkenstock.

So, what do you think? So hot or so not?


Summer 2014 Beauty Picks


Summer is my favorite time of the year, and I also feel that my skin really enjoys this season. Humidity keeps it hydrated and dewy, and the sun gives it a healthy glow. I don’t have to worry about a dull complexion or deal with dry and flaky skin. I love it! A few beauty products are perfect for this time of the year and give you that wonderful glowing and sun kissed look, so I’m going to share some of my favorites with you here…

1) BB Cream: Choose a light formula that will give you just enough coverage without making your face feel cakey. You won’t need to use foundation and most BB Creams already contain SPF, which is an added bonus.
2) Bronzer: If used wisely, bronzer can give you such a great sun kissed look. Make sure you don’t go overboard. I know it can be tempting, but it looks really awful (and orange). Check out some tutorials on YouTube and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.
3) Highlighter: A good highlighter can be a lot of fun. It adds a little sparkle to your face and underlines that healthy, summery glow. I tend to put just a little bit of product around the corner of my eyes, which I think looks really nice. Again: YouTube is your friend here!
4) Body Lotion/Body Butter: Pick scents like coconut, mango or orange to really get into a summery mood. The Body Shop Coconut Butter is my personal favorite at the moment and I can highly recommend it : – )

Do you have any favorite beauty products this summer? Let me know in a comment below!


DIY Summer Face Scrub


We spend a lot of time in the sun this time of year, which means we should also spend some extra time pampering our skin after exposing it to so much sunlight. After all, a golden glow is the look we’re aiming for, and this can only be achieved if we treat our skin well and give it the attention and care it needs after countless tanning sessions. Exfoliating is really important during summer, as dead skin cells will give your complexion a dull and dry appearance. They will also clog your pores, and mixed with suntan lotion etc. this will not do you any favours.

Making your own face scrub is a great option to combat dull skin. Not only is it cool because you can make it without much hassle in the comfort of your own home, it’s also full of natural goodness.

To make your own summer face scrub you will need:

Two parts oatmeal  (ground up in a blender)
One part honey
One part coconut oil

Mix these ingredients together and you’re done. Easy peasy, right? Now simply use your face scrub like any other exfoliant, moisturize, and enjoy your soft and healthy summer skin : – ) Use this great face scrub 1-2 times a week and get your glow on this summer!


Halfway there!


Hello there girls! We’re already halfway through the year, and we’re also halfway through the July edition of Insiders Tip. The girls this month are exceedingly beautiful and creative and we’re on our toes to witness who you all pick to be the winner of this sunny summer month. The winner will win a super summer-tastic prize to carry with her wherever her adventures take her, and will be featured on the sidebar of insidefruits for a whole month, so please help a sister out and pick which girl you want to see more of! Check out the charming contestants here and make sure to hop on over and VOTE right here!


Pre-Holiday Prep


Are you going anywhere nice this summer? Italy, maybe? France? Brighton? No matter where your summer holidays take you this year, it’s important to follow a few steps to ensure that you feel and look amazing and your holidays are relaxing and worry-free. So let’s get started…

1) If possible, get a hair trim. Summer and sun often cause split ends, and you can easily battle this problem by getting a quick haircut before you’re off.
2) Get enough sleep. I know this isn’t always easy, but you’ll feel much more energized and healthy. It will also make travelling for long hours less exhausting, and you’ll begin your holiday with lots of energy and in a great mood (plus you won’t have to worry about covering up dark circles under your eyes)!
3) Consider getting a wax the day before you leave. This will leave your skin amazingly smooth for weeks and you won’t have to worry about shaving all the time.
4) Exfoliate and moisturize your skin. You’ll look and feel great : – ) Now all you need is a tan!
5) Don’t pack your suitcase the night before. Start planning this a little while in advance so that things don’t get so stressful. Leave enough time so that you can go out and buy anything that you still need for your holiday (a new bikini, a beach bag, a book etc.)
6) If this applies to you, make sure that your passport is still valid.
7) Dye your eyelashes. This is a great tip and it means you won’t look like a panda after going for a swim. Definitely worth considering!

Writing this post has put me in such a great holiday mood. I can’t wait to go away this summer! What about you? Let me know what you have planned this summer and also let me know if you have any additional tips for smooth travelling and vacationing :)