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5 Things We Love About Summer!


Summer is awesome, agreed? Sunshine & blue skies… what’s not to love? Summer is definitely my favourite season by far! I’ve put together the best things about summer for you, which will surely put you in a summery mood if you’re not quite there yet : – )

1) Lemonade! Who doesn’t love lemonade? Nobody drinks lemonade in the winter, so enjoy it while you can! You can also easily make your own from scratch, which is a fun summer activity (and it tastes soooo good!). Experiment with different fruits like mango or kiwi to give your lemonade a little more oomph.
2) Swimming! Of course you can also swim indoors in the winter, but it’s not half as fun, is it? You also won’t get a tan. Going for a swim either on your own or with friends is such great fun and if you squeeze in a few laps you’ll have done a bit of exercise as well.
3) Summer salads! As the temperatures soar, pork chops and gravy are probably not going to make you feel so great. When it’s hot outside our bodies yearn for fresh and light cuisine that doesn’t weigh us down (a.k.a. lots of fruits and veggies). Enter summer salads! There are thousands of different salads you can make, and Pinterest is sure to give you all the inspiration you need : – )
4) Skirts & dresses! Of course you can also wear skirts and dresses during winter, but it’s just not the same. You have to wear tights and boots, and it just doesn’t have that carefree and relaxed quality.
5) Sandals and painting your toenails!  Colourful toenails make us happy and that’s a fact. Choose strong corals or neon yellow hues to really get those summer vibes going. Opt for sandals so everyone can see your happy summer feet : – )

What do you love about summer? Let me know in a comment below!

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