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Abra-Cake Pop-Cadabra!

cake pops

We’ve been seeing cake pops popping up everywhere: Pinterest, Instagram, in bakeries, at parties, in the supermarket, the list goes on.  They may look complicated to make thanks to their small size, decorations and shape, but they’re actually so much easier than you ever imagined. Nobody said you have to start completely from scratch; simply follow these tips to create stellar cake pops!

–    Already-baked butter or pound cake
–    Ready-made vanilla frosting
–    Candy coating
–    Sprinkles
–    Sticks

Step 1: Crumble the cake into a fine, smooth mix

Step 2: Mix in frosting until the crumbs start to stick together

Step 3: Form the dough into little balls

Step 4: Stick each ball onto a stick

Step 5: Dip into candy coating and let dry

Step 6: Add sprinkles and whatever else you desire

Step 7: Refrigerate for a few hours

Enjoy your cute homemade creations!

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