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Back in Style: The Roaring Twenties


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From the catwalks of New York, Paris, Berlin and London, the style of the roaring twenties is finding its way back into our wardrobes. TV Shows such as Boardwalk Empire, and the soon to be released film The Great Gatsby, have shown how sexy and glamorous women in the 1920’s were dressed. What I like most about this look is that it’s very feminine and alluring, without showing too much skin. The twenties style includes lots of gold and black as well as luxurious beading and fringing. To become a modern day flapper girl, I suggest that you pick out one or two 1920’s inspired fashion pieces that you like. This way, you can easily bring some spice to your everyday wardrobe.

The most classic piece of the twenties was definitely the flapper dress. As flapper dresses tend to look more formal, you won’t have to worry too much about additional styling. To give your twenties look a modern twist, try juxtaposing styles by matching the flapper dress with a biker jacket or a cute jeans jacket.

Another key piece from the roaring twenties was the flamboyant headband. You can find these in several different colours, sizes, styles, and with or without a feather. My favourite headbands are the ones without feathers which are sequined and decorated with rhinestones.

The 1920’s was a rich era, where the motto was: “If you’ve got, it flaunt it!” Florence Welch, from Florence + the Machine, is the master of the modern day flapper-look.  She very uniquely incorporates art deco jewellery, fashion and hair styles into her look.

Other great 1920’s accessories for everyday are long necklaces with tassels, pearl necklaces, embellished hairpins and silk lingerie-like tops. But regardless of which 1920’s piece you choose, be sure to have fun incorporating this look into your own style!

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