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Cristmas Shopping 101

chrastmas shopping 101

The festive season is supposed to be a peaceful time we spend with friends and family, during which we put our demanding and hectic lives on hold for a while.  However, it’s not always easy to clear your mind and enjoy a cup of mulled wine when you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet!  Getting the job done before it starts ruining your Christmas spirit is definitely a good idea, and I‘ve rounded up a few helpful tips that will ensure you can really enjoy this time of the year.

1) Get crafty! Not only is this a great idea if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but everyone loves a handmade present with a personal touch. Whether it’s homemade jam  or a photo album, your loved ones are going to appreciate the thought that went into your present!

2) Speak up! Don’t feel like you can’t ask people what they want.  Sometimes we just lack ideas and creativity, and that’s ok. Asking people what they like can be incredibly helpful and will greatly reduce  pre-Christmas  stress.

3) Make a list! This will really help you stay on top of things and you’ll feel fantastic every time you cross off a name.

4) The early bird catches the worm! All stressed out last-minute shoppers should buy their Christmas presents during the end-of-season sale after Christmas one year in advance. Not only will you save money,  you’ll be laid-back and merry come next Christmas.

5) Reward yourself! Buy yourself a little something every now and again too: a scented candle or a box of chocolates. The act of giving is really great, but don’t forget about yourself!

These tips should help you with your Christmas shopping, but one thing you don’t want to forget is that Christmas is primarily about time well spent with the people who matter to you. So don’t let holiday stress get the better of you, sit back and relax, and enjoy the holiday season!

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  • Klaus 07/12/2013, 10:09

    Very helpful tips…..now I will enjoy a big cup of mulled wine!

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