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Darker Hair During Brighter Days is Okay

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This isn’t just a post about dyeing your hair. It’s going to go a little deeper than that, into a discussion about why we women feel the need to change our hair color according to what society has dubbed acceptable for seasons. ’10 Tips to Lighter Summer Hair!’ or ‘Go Dark & Bold for Winter Weather!’ are headlines splashed all over magazines, and we ingest these words without thinking.

The damage done to hair through the dyeing process is immense, but it’s okay to want to switch up how you look once in a while. However, 4 times a year (lighter for summer, reddish for fall, you get the picture) is going slightly overboard.

I hear it with my own friends: big discussions over what shade to choose this time, what’s acceptable for the current weather, how other people are currently treating their tresses. Everyone is lusting over something different for their locks, but the idea, inspiration and motivation don’t stem from their own heads.

Don’t get the wrong impression: self-expression is optimal, and everyone has the right to color their hair whatever shade of the rainbow they want to, and at any point they wish. The problem arises when we think to ourselves ‘oh the weather is starting to get warm; I’m now obliged to head to the hairdresser and abuse my hair even though I’m happy the way I am.’

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