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Dressing up for a night out

Dressing for a night out

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Now that the weather is finally becoming a bit warmer, I find it much easier to find a party outfit. We can finally shed our dreaded winter layers and put on something lighter. When I search my closet for the perfect party clothes, I always pick my outfit according to my current mood. If I don’t feel like wearing super high heels, I certainly won’t. However, I also realized that getting all dolled up helps me get in to the right mood for a night out.

The best thing about going to a party or a club is that as ladies, we get the opportunity to go all out with our wardrobe. My goal is usually to find a fun, flirty and pretty outfit that will turn heads on the dance floor. And what turns more heads than shiny and sequined materials? Not much. So I recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to wear such materials without feeling over dressed.

I would definitely say it’s appropriate to show a little skin when going out; but it is important that you DON’T show all your assets at once. It’s always a good idea to leave something things for imagination; “real” men will definitely appreciate this. If you decide to show off your legs, choose a high neck dress. This will always be a classy and sexy look. A short, fitted dress with long sleeves is a great variation on the LBD. Add bright heels in an eye-catching colour and your party outfit is complete.

When looking for the right bag to match your outfit, I would recommend a clutch or a small handbag. A heavy, unwieldy bag is sure to ruin your night once you decide to hit the dance floor, especially if the club is jam-packed.

There is no need to worry about standing out too much when dressing to go out, since basically anything goes. We all want to look our best and impress others, so don’t be afraid to attract some attention.

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