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Festival Fashion


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Attending a festival is a once in a lifetime experience. And it is safe to say that when it comes to festivals, it is not just about the music; fashion also plays a crucial role at the world’s most popular festivals.

When it comes to fashion, festivals are true breeding grounds for trends of all kinds. Festival clothing is fun, fresh and fearless. In particular, fashion that embodies the bohemian lifestyle is a main theme. And with the festival season just around the corner, the hunt for the perfect festival outfit has officially begun.

Festivals are the place where denim shorts, maxi skirts, crop tops, psychedelic prints & flower crowns are essential outfit pieces. Light and flowing materials are beneficial for the hot temperatures in the daytime, whereas woollen cardigans and jumpers are great for the cooler evenings. It is best to wear a few layers on top of each other and peel them off according to the weather, since you don’t want to ruin your festival experience by being cold.

When it comes to handbags, I can recommend trading in your usual handbag for a trendy backpack, such as one with Aztec print. This will be a real eye-catcher and much more practical than a handbag. A good pair of boots is also a definite festival must. Cute ankle boots are stylish and comfortable and will protect your feet from any broken glass. Others swear by the usefulness of wellies and although these may not look very stylish, they can be very practical on rainy days. When it comes to festival suitable headwear, big and flashy 70’s inspired sunglasses are really fun, as well as a big floppy hats to protect you from the sun.

There are really no real rules when it comes to festival fashion. That is why a festival is the perfect occasion to wear that crop top you have never worn or braid your hair like a flower child. So what will you wear to your next festival?

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  • Chloe 28/01/2014, 17:35

    Hey Kim I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the little pastel flower dress!
    I would really appreciate it if you could help me locate one / something similar?
    Chloe xxx

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