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Originating in the 1960’s as a protest against conformity, “Hippy Chic” is one of the key looks for spring/summer 2013. Inspired by nature, this fun and carefree trend is all about expressing individuality and personal style. So take a step into a psychedelic wonderland of bright colours and trendy prints and embrace the style revival.

In the spirit of original hippy principles, when it comes to fashion, anything goes. However, there are many classic pieces which encapsulate the hippy style: maxi-dresses, bell-bottom jeans and micro miniskirts to name a few. Many high street retailers have developed their own take on these and other hippy fashion necessities, such as floaty peasant tops, ankle swishing floor-length skirts and gorgeous halter-neck tops. This truly wearable trend has something to flatter every body shape.

Accessories are key to completing this iconic look; tasselled handbags, over-sized sun hats and sunglasses are not only highly practical, but can also instantly update any outfit. Chunky jewellery, crystal pendants and multi-coloured scarves all work together to compliment the breezy summer style.

Hippy Chic is set to be a huge hit in the coming months. Celebrities can already be seen sporting the bohemian-inspired style and with festival season just around the corner, it is sure to become a global sensation.

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