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Get Organized!

Get Organized

An organized workspace is great for your productivity! A cluttered desk, on the other hand, is not. And considering how much time we spend at our desks, our workspace should send out lots of positive vibes. A little Feng Shui never hurt anybody and it will help you feel better whilst working away at your desk! So, let’s get organized : – )

The first rule is very simple: you want to keep your desk as empty as possible. Store all things you don’t need out of sight. Use pencil cups and office space savers to help you get organized.

Go through piles of paper and all the other stuff lying around on your desk and regularly throw stuff out. Doing this once a day is ideal, but if you manage to do this every couple of days that’s also fine.

Once you have a de-cluttered and empty desk you can start adding some personal items that put you in a good mood. Maybe a picture of you and your best friend will lift your mood and motivate you while you’re working. Fresh flowers are also always a great idea! They are pretty and their scent is an added bonus : – )

If you work at home you can easily add some colour to your work environment by painting the walls. Blues and greens have a calming effect and create a relaxing and comfortable workspace. Yellow and red bring a little more energy into your work environment. If you work in an office you should probably refrain from painting the walls… but you can easily incorporate some colour by adding little pops to your desk: flowers, or a colourful mousepad can already make a difference.

Have you got any additional tips? I’d love to hear from you : – )

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