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Happy New Year!


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Hey girls! So another year has passed and 2014 is here! I’m sure you all have exciting plans for New Year’s Eve and I hope this coming year will treat you well!

Choosing the perfect outfit for New Year’s can be daunting and it’s really never easy. It’s just such an important day of the year and you want to look your best! Because of this, it’s all the more frustrating when the big day comes and you have ‘nothing to wear’ and ‘that blue dress makes your arms look funny’. Since you might enjoy some last-minute outfit and styling inspiration before you’re off to your New Year’s party, I thought I’d put together some helpful ideas:

“My outfit is boring”
Sometimes, when you go for an elegant look, it ends up looking very plain and you feel like it’s missing that certain ‘something’. In this case, your outfit is missing an eye-catcher! You can easily fix this problem by either applying neon nail polish, for example, or putting on some statement jewellery. A bold statement piece can instantly transform a boring outfit into a dramatic ensemble!

“My outfit is uncomfortable”
We’ve all experienced this: you’re at a party in a dress that’s too tight/too loose/too short/too see-through and it’s driving you crazy. You can’t focus on anything around you because you’re busy preventing your strapless dress from sliding off every time you walk a few steps! Make sure this doesn’t happen! Choose an outfit, in which you feel comfortable, and make sure it fits well. Walk around your home and try some things like sitting down or dancing. If your outfit stays in place, it’s a keeper!

“I don’t know what to wear”
If you have no idea what to wear on New Year’s Eve, and you have no time for a last-minute shopping spree, I recommend going through some old photos. Have a look at some of your previous party outfits, for example, and note down some flattering ensembles that you felt comfortable in. This will definitely inspire you and help battle your wardrobe-blues!

I hope you all have a fantastic evening!

See you in 2014 :)

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