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Have Yourself a Little Summer Picnic


I love summer and everything that comes with it. And one thing I really love is having a nice summer picnic. It’s such a nice way to spend some quality time with friends or family, and it’s a great setting for eating lots of yummy treats and having a fun time.

The key is to actually go out and just do it. I know eating your chicken wings at home sounds pretty appealing and hassle-free, but eating them on a nice picnic blanket with birds chirping in your ears also has its merits.

Maybe you just need some inspiration? I have some great ideas for the perfect summer picnic, which might just persuade you to go out and get your picnic on!

1) Always pack a variety of different things. A packet of crisps and an apple look kind of lonely on a huge picnic blanket.
2) Try packing some food that can be eaten without utensils (sandwiches for example). It’s just easier.
3) Avoid food containing mayonnaise. If it gets hot you’ll be cultivating lots of yummy bacteria etc.
4) Make sure you bring lots of drinks (water and juices) so that everyone stays hydrated.
5) You might want to consider using reusable cutlery etc. and not opting for plastic cups and plates. This is just a more eco-friendly approach : – )
6) Bring a kitchen roll and napkins so people can clean up after themselves.
7) Consider decorating your picnic space as well. Not only will everyone be swooning over all the yummy food, your picnic will also be a treat for the eyes. Think little lanterns, lampions or some nice cushions.

So what are you waiting for? Call some friends, prepare some food and drinks, and get out there for a summer picnic : – )

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