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I love your style: British Mermaid

ilys british mermaid

Hello everyone, and welcome back to “I love your style”! This fortnight I have become obsessed with the style of another regular magpie: Cara of British Mermaid. Cara is a seventeen year-old aspiring journalist from Hertfordshire and clearly has a taste for all things glittery (she is also a confessed cat, collared shirt and frozen yogurt lover).

The best thing about Cara’s style, in my opinion, is just how multi-faceted it is; a little girly with more than a bit of punk-rocker thrown in there for good measure. She’s the kind of girl who could and would absolutely rock a Sailor Moon miniskirt with a cute collared blouse and look completely amazing in it. I also totally appreciate her clear love of all glittery, shiny pieces: every one of her outfits has at least one piece with a real sense of intrigue, be it through the material or the pattern: if you want to learn how to style a real statement piece, then British Mermaid is the place to go.

Cara’s got a really quirky sense of humour, which makes her posts very fun to read, and she definitely knows a lot about finding the best deals. British Mermaid is definitely a blog that you should be adding to your regular reading list!

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