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I love your style: gvadlln

I love your style gvadlln

Hello lovelies, hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Today I’m so happy to introduce you to Gavina Dhillon and her gorgeous blog, gvadlln. Gavina is a 20 year-old student and photographer based part-time in London, part-time in Nottingham. With an obvious passion for photography, fashion and beauty, Gavina’s posts are personal and inspiring.

Given the fact that Gavina is a professional photographer, naturally her photographs are of exceptional quality – even the ones that she’s in herself! With a natural talent for finding the perfect settings and light for every shoot, her blog is an absolute dream to look at! She also has a second blog devoted entirely to her photography, which is also just gorgeous.

Gavina’s style is girly with a bit of an edge, with pretty skirts and dresses and statement jewellery making frequent appearances. Resourceful and creative, Gavina is the type of fashion blogger that everyone just loves, as she manages to experiment while maintaining a high level of classiness. Also frequently blogging about beauty, Gavina’s makeup is often also a statement – I personally love her taste in lipstick colours and her product reviews are just spectacular in their honesty and depth.

Three cheers for Gavina and gvadlln, and happy reading everyone!

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