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I love your style: High Society

ilys high society

Don’t let the name deceive you: High Society is not a blog that only features high-end designer clothing that the students and 9 to 5 girls can’t afford. Nope, Heather is just really, really good at making high street clothes look designer, because she’s just so great at styling them!

Heather has a lovely, classically classy sense of style that everyone should strive to emulate. Classic but never boring, Heather has a way of taking traditional styles and spicing them up just the right amount, be it through pattern combination or just a really great piece of statement jewellery.

Usually pretty casual, Heather definitely knows how to clean up right: when she wears a dress, she WEARS it. So if you want some inspiration on how to look good for a job interview or just a casual lunch with friends, then definitely check out High Society!

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