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I love your style : Raining Cake

raining cake ilys

Officially winning the title for “Best Blog Name Ever,” Raining Cake is a fashion and beauty blog written by the lovely Julie Ly. Julie is clearly so passionate about fashion, as she has devoted her career to it. Raining Cake is where Julie shares her passions in her spare time, writing creative and fun outfit posts and providing her readers with honest, thorough beauty product reviews that will make you want to run to your nearest shopping mall or your salon.

Julie’s style is both fun and classy, and always bang-on trend. She has a real gift for putting together elegantly stylish and flattering outfits, many of which are suitable for a wide range of occasions. Her outfit posts are amazing and inspiring, and clearly show the depth of Julie’s understanding of the latest trends.

Raining Cake is also a beauty blog, and Julie’s posts are honest and insightful. Julie’s style when it comes to makeup and beauty is truly classic, and perfect for the girl looking for some really solid advice on how to look her best on an everyday basis (i.e. me).

Three cheers for Julie and her amazing blog, Raining Cake. I personally hope to see many more great posts from this lovely gal, and am crossing my fingers that she might see everyone’s wish come true, and that it will, someday, rain cake.

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