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I love your style: Sophie Etc.

ILYS Sophie Etc

Eighteen and fabulous, Sophie Etc. is where Sophie shares her passion for beauty, fashion, writing… etc.! Sophie’s style – in regards to her fashion and her writing – is sophisticated yet fun, and undeniably cute. Whether it’s about her latest outfit, juiciest new beauty find, or an exciting vacation, you can always tell just how much Sophie loves writing her posts, and we certainly love that!

What we really love about Sophie’s style is its wearability: Sophie has a talent for creating the perfect outfit -not overly loud nor at all boring either – that can be worn for a variety of occasions, be it for school, just hanging out with friends, or even a slightly more formal event! She’s also got a great eye for jewellery, and a gift for matching the right pieces to the right outfit.

Sophie’s beauty posts are also something to be admired. Her honest product reviews have ensured her the trust of her readers, and she always manages to find great products to share! Never allowing herself to fall into the all-too-common beauty blogger trap of always writing the same reviews, Sophie doesn’t limit herself to just one or two types of beauty products to focus on but possesses an all-around beauty repertoire.

We’re so pleased to be featuring Sophie and her blog, Sophie Etc., on this fortnight’s instalment of ‘I love your style,’ and hope you take the time to give her blog a thorough read-through – you won’t regret it!

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