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I love your style: The Golden Monkey

i-love-your-style the golden monkey 13.12

Hi guys! I stumbled across an amazing blog today, and I just have to share it with you! Meet Yatri, a fashion and style blogger from the Midlands, and her wonderful blog: The Golden Monkey.

Yatri has a very unique personal style. Her ensembles are minimalistic and clear-cut, and are always characterised by very symmetric components. Her current outfits are a little neater and quieter compared to her earlier somewhat edgier ensembles, but she has been wearing very dark lipstick in her latest posts, which still gives her look just the right amount of “Goth“, without taking away from her subtle elegance. She experiments a lot with her silhouette and proportions by adding long, flowing cardigans or oversized coats over leggings or slim-fit trousers.  Velvety tracksuit bottoms give her outfits a nice relaxed feel when she doesn’t want to go over the top with feminine elegance. Yatri also never fails to incorporate her amazing hair into her ensembles:  by roughing it up for a voluminous, rugged feel or by letting it flow elegantly into the rest of her outfit. And last but not least, the photographs she uses on her blog are exceptional, and it seems like striking strong and dynamic poses just comes naturally to her.

I’m going to enjoy browsing through her next outfits, and I’m really excited to see how Yatri’s style is going to develop in the next few months. I absolutely recommend this blog as I’m sure you’ll find a lot of new fashion inspiration!

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