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I love your style: The Rawrdrobe

ilys the rawrdrobe

Admittedly, The Rawrdrobe has become more of a beauty blog than a fashion blog, but that does not stop me from totally crushing on Katy’s style! Seriously, this girl can rock 80’s-90’s grunge and street-style like it never went out of fashion (for real, who let that happen?). I’m talking dungarees, flannel, über-chunky patterned cardigans and neon accessories: I know all of these things are making a comeback, but Katy wears it so naturally you’d think she was the trendsetter the first time around.

The Rawrdrobe in its current form started up a year ago this month, and his since gathered quite the following! It’s not hard to understand why Katy’s blog has become so popular: her honest, down-to-earth tone of writing laced with her subtle, witty sense of humour make her blog posts easy to read, like you’re just having a casual conversation (really matches her overall casual style), and her photos are definitely things to be admired.

What I love most about The Rawrdrobe is Katy’s honesty. She is absolutely never afraid to tell the world exactly what she thinks about a product or a trend, and has started ending all of her beauty product review posts with a simple “Repurchase? Yes/No” that just really cuts to the chase, and is a sure indicator to me as to whether I should go running out to buy something.

So hats off to Katy and the Rawrdrobe – can’t wait to see her next outfit post to get some more inspiration for the grunge-trend that is scheduled to be HUGE the A/W! I just know that Katy will rock it!

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  • Katy 12/09/2013, 18:52

    wow thanks so much for this post, you’re so lovely! how do i follow your blog?!

    katy xxx

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