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Insider’s Tip – Double double!

IF June winners

Hi everyone! June is all but over, meaning it is time to announce the winner of this month’s Insider’s Tip! Except… ladies this month, we have a tie! For the first time ever, two bloggers have won Insider’s Tip. Congratulations to Grace of Dorothy and Olive and to Rachel of The Style Sparrow! Both bloggers will be receiving a 30ml bottle of “La vie est belle” by Lancôme, and will be featured on our sidebar for the entire month of July.

Grace is a writer, columnist and freelancer with a penchant for floral prints and a mane of gorgeous red hair! Her blog posts are beautifully written, and her style is gorgeously classic with a nice touch of modern spunk. Her shoe collection is envy-worthy, and all of her photographs are taken in a variety of gorgeous locations, making them doubly interesting for your viewing pleasure. A top-notch blog all around!

Rachel, on the other hand, has a totally different style. Her posts are short, sweet and all about the fashion, and her personal style is much more modern-urban-chic. Cue the bright colours, holographics and a statement-making shoe collection. Great blog to reference if you are looking to create the perfect street-style, statement-making outfit for a party or a day shopping!

Congrats to you both!

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