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Insider’s Tip Winner: Fox and Feather


Hello my lovely May flowers! Hope you all are well? Today I’m extremely happy to announce the winner of this month’s Insider’s Tip competition: Leigh of Fox and Feather! Congrats Leigh! Leigh will be featured on insidefruits for the entire month of June, and will also receive a 20ml bottle of one of my favourite summer perfumes: Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Just in time for summer, eh?

If you’ve haven’t heard about Leigh or Fox and Feather, then I highly recommend that you go check out that blog right this instant. Leigh is just two weeks away from completing her studies in Illustration, and dreams of someday (soon, probably) discovering her way into the fashion industry as an art director in visual merchandising. As a side-gig to help finance her studies, Leigh’s been working at Urban Outfitters, which I’d have to say is a perfect match for her and her style. You know that gorgeous girl at every festival you went to last summer who just looked like she was born to be there? Who pulled off that boho-chic look in a flawless and seemingly effortless manner? Yeah, that was Leigh. Maybe go talk to her next time, she’s pretty cool.

On Fox and Feather, Leigh showcases her amazing creativity in the form of outfits and advice posts, and offers honest and thorough reviews of products she’s tried and places she’s shopped – if you’re looking for natural-product and vintage-shopping guidance, you have come to the right place! On top of the amazing photography and vibrant personality, it is quite evident how much effort Leigh puts into each post through her writing alone: she’s clearly gifted, well-read and well-educated, which makes her blog a wonderful read for grammar nerds like me.

Congratulations again Leigh! Keep up the stellar work on Fox and Feather, enjoy your new summer scent, and best of luck to you in all of your post-university adventures!

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