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Insider’s Tip Winner: Polkadot Pink


And the winner of this month’s edition of Insider’s Tip is… (drumroll)… Donna of Polkadot Pink! Congratulations Donna! In addition to be being featured on our sidebar for an entire month, Donna has also won an amazing rose-gold watch by Lipsy. Is that awesome or is that awesome!?

Donna’s story makes very clear that you can definitely have your cake and eat it too. As a journalist she really enjoyed writing, but she always dreamed of becoming a primary school teacher as well. So what did Donna do? She became a primary school teacher and works on her blog in her spare time, which makes for an inspiring and colourful combination. Polkadot Pink is a happy, lively place, where Donna shares her beautifully creative outfits with her readers. Donna herself says she is “living life in colour” and this is definitely reflected in every little details of her lovely blog. Seriously, if you’re ever having a bad day, simply visit Donna’s blog and you’ll be feeling a million times better after looking through her wonderful pictures and reading the beautifully written words that accompany them.

Let Donna’s colourful personality inspire you and enjoy browsing through her blog! If you’ve been searching for a blog with personality and a happy, carefree atmosphere, look no further : – )

Congratulations again, Donna! We absolutely love your blog!

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