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Minimalistic Pumpkin DIY


Carving the perfect pumpkin can be a task and a half, so here are some tricks and tips to create the perfect minimalistic pumpkin that will not only serve as a light in the dark but also a great accessory to your room!

What you will need:

1. A ripe pumpkin- you can check its ripeness by simply tapping it on the side; if it sounds hollow, you have found a winner!
2. A small/medium serrated knife and/or a shape cutter
3. Toothpick and/or potato peeler
4. Flour
5. A big spoon or scooper of your choice
6. Pencil and paper (if needed)

Let us begin…
1. Draw a polygon (6-sided shape) on either the top or bottom of your pumpkin and cut out using your serrated knife using a back and forth motion. By having the hole in the bottom of the pumpkin you will avoid burning yourself when placing the tea light inside, but remember to also add a hole or two at the top of the pumpkin where the smoke from the candle can escape.

2. Then here comes the messy/fun part- using your spoon/scoop remove the insides of the pumpkin until hollow and set aside in a bowl (it sounds a bit like a horror story).


3. If you are attempting a more intricate design, draw it first onto a piece of paper, but if not you can do it freehand. This can be anything you want- scary or stupid, happy or sad, or even just a pretty pattern so be creative, for the world is your pumpkin!

4. Once done, trace onto the pumpkin using your toothpick; by following a dot-to-dot method and then rubbing over with a dash of flour you will be left with a pattern to follow, which can also be easily washed off (you can also do this with a freehand design).

5. To carve your design, simply decide where you want the light to come through the most and where you may just want a slight glow.
-To achieve a glowing effect, use your toothpick. With it you can scratch away at the pumpkin to create the finer details and sharper points and edges.
-For larger areas try using a potato peeler to create the glow, or if you have created a design for which you can use a specific cutter you can also use that. By slightly denting the pumpkin with the cutter, deep enough to make an impact but not so much that it breaks, some of the light will come through. Remember that the deeper you go the more it will glow and don’t worry, for any small slip-up can be called a personal artist touch!

6. Then pop a un-fragranced tea or LED light inside and jack’s your uncle, you’re done!

So now you know the steps, it’s time to get creative and start carving!

Tip: With the left-over pumpkin why not try making a warming soup or refreshing face mask, and even those seeds can be used as part of a salad or roasted as a tasty snack.

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