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No Insider’s Tip this month… but there’s good news!

We are sorry to announce that there will be no Insider’s Tip competition this month… due to the fact that stylefruits is currently hosting a much larger and seriously fun competition!


The “Pastel Me Pretty” Spring Styling Competition opened up yesterday, giving selected, hardworking and generally fabulous UK fashion bloggers the chance to get an extra kick in their spring wardrobes! All of the invited bloggers have the opportunity to submit a pastel-inspired outfit for the chance to win one of three fabulous pastel-prizes from Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Ray Ban. The voting has already gotten pretty intense, so it will be super interesting to see who the winner is!

On that note though… are you a UK or Ireland-based fashion blogger? Has your blog existed for at least six months, and do you work hard at it and update regularly? Then you might be eligible to participate in “Pastel Me Pretty”. If you meet the above requirements, just shoot an email over to us at contest@stylefruits.co.uk, include your name and a link to your blog, and we will get back to you to let you know if you are eligible to participate! The competition ends on April 30th, and you can submit any time before then, but the earlier you send in your entry the better your chances of winning so don’t wait!

If you’re not a blogger, or if you’re a brand new blogger, don’t be discouraged – the insidefruits “Ready for Spring” Giveaway is still going strong! With just over two weeks left to enter and a fabulous prize package to be won, we’re sure you won’t be feeling left out!

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