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One, Two, Three…. RELAX!


Now that most universities are approaching exams, and one deadline is just following another, it’s normal to feel stressed and exhausted. Uni and work are not the only things that can cause stress, however: it can be your finances, a fight with a friend or looking for a new apartment that can get you all worked up. Of course, oftentimes you can’t change the situation, in the same sense you can’t do anything against all those deadlines, but what you can do is reduce the stress with a few simple tricks:

1) Breathe deep. Taking deep breaths relaxes the muscles, lowers the blood pressure and helps to reduce anxiety.
2) Exercise. When you get your blood going and work out, the endorphin rush afterwards can positively raise your energy levels and put you in a good mood.
3) Progressive muscle relaxation. Tensing and releasing all of your muscle groups one by one, will relax you within minutes without any special equipment or training.

4) Learn how to say no. Know your limits, in both your personal and professional life: don’t overload yourself on both sides, to the point that you can’t handle any of it anymore.
5) Take a walk. A quiet stroll though the park will put things into perspective, and help you to reduce stress.
6) Laugh and smile. Laughing and smiling can reduce the physical effects of stress. We smile when we are happy and at the same time smiling can make us feel happy.
7) Talk about it or write about it. Getting things off your chest will calm you and help you to organize your thoughts.
8) Take a nap. Taking a nap relaxes muscles and lowers your cortisol levels, which helps fight stress and its effects.
9) Avoid people who stress you out. Having someone around you that even increases your stress levels will not help at all, so try to avoid such people during a stressful period.
10) Get horizontal. Sex releases stress and relaxes muscles in more than one way, so don’t put it on the bottom of your “to do” list! ;)

Prepared with those tips and methods a stressful situation will no longer through you off track!

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