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over it all

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You may have memories of your childhood dressing, the days when mom chose everything for you. Among those maternal choices were probably an overall or two, which is the reason why these pieces have a kind of childish connotation attached to them.

However, this is all changing. Seen on celebrities and the coolest street style sites, overalls are making a comeback into our more adult-like lives and can be worn whether you’re 2 or 20. Here are a couple tips to getting over your childish ways and integrating the overall into your cool kid wardrobe:

Hang Loose: Instead of buttoning up tight like a little child, buy a pair of overalls one size bigger than you need, and let one strap go unlatched. This will emit a little bit of a bad kid vibe to contrast the original image of this piece.

Be Bright: Instead of going for the typical denim overall, go for something in a completely different color, like bright yellow or neon green.

Print Play: This may seem like a childish solution but pair a floral or aztec printed playsuit with some strappy sandals or sky high wedges for a fun feminine vibe.

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