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Penelope’s Amaaaazing Fruit Salad Dressing!


Hellooooo, it’s Penelope! Since spring calls for healthy food and fresh ingredients, I thought I’d surprise you with another healthy yet amazing recipe to make sure you’re full of lovely vitamins and fruity goodness this spring.

Everyone loves fruit salad, right? And you’re going to love it even more after you try this absolutely fantaaastic fruit salad dressing. Yes, that’s right, dressing isn’t just for regular salads.

You’ll need:
-fruit of your choice (quantity depends on how much you want to make, it’s that simple!)
– orange juice
– juice of 1 lemon
– juice of 1 lime
– 140 g granulated sugar
– 2 lemon grass stalks
– a bit of fresh ginger

You want to start off by cutting up your fruit for the salad. Put a few pieces of fruit along with some orange juice into your blender and blend everything well. You want to have about 100 ml in total. But if you want to make more, make more, this really isn’t a super strict recipe : – ). You can experiment, it’s fun!

Heat this fruit mixture on the stove and add sugar, the lemon and lime juice and stir regularly for about 10 minutes. Make sure it doesn’t get TOO hot. You don’t want your juice to boil. Ouch!

Cut the ginger into small pieces and cut the lemongrass into strips and press down on them with your knife to let out all the flavours. Take your fruit syrup off the stove. Add the ginger and lemongrass and let this amazing mixture work its magic for a few hours before dressing your fruit salad.

I hope you enjoy this simple yet amazing recipe! Let me know how you liked it. See you next time!

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