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So About That Teeny Weeny Bikini…


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Spring is finally here, which also means that cute shorts and figure-hugging dresses are going to be your best friends in the next few months. Then, of course, the summer holidays mean only one thing: bikini season. But what if you feel insecure about your not-so-perfect, totally not tanned body, on which many a Sunday roast drenched in gravy has left its mark? Fear not, you have some time left to get into shape, and there are also a few tricks that will instantly make you look and feel better.

Get moving
Some of us are just plain lazy (I know I can be…).Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can already make a difference if this is something you do several times a day. Also just make sure you walk more in general throughout the day. More movement=more calories burnt. Changing your habits can already make a difference, so get moving! It’s so simple!

I’m afraid exercise is pretty important if you want to improve the way your legs look in tiny shorts. Try not to look at it as a horrible, horrible task. Find something you enjoy. I’m 100% certain that the perfect sport for you is out there somewhere.  Rock climbing? Horse riding? Swimming? Yoga? The list goes on.

Eating right
Fast food is probably a bad idea if fitting into your favourite sun dress is something you’re aiming for this season. Don’t go on a super strict diet, we all know those don’t work in the long term. But eat the right things! Fruit and vegetables… chicken… wholegrain bread. You get the idea. Don’t starve yourself because a) it’ll put you in a bad mood and b) it’ll slow your metabolism.

A tan
A slight tan will already make a huge difference. Your legs will instantly look prettier once they have spent a little time in the sun. Don’t overdo it though, and always use SPF. Lobster is not the hue we’re aiming for here : – )

The maxi dress
If all else fails, the maxi dress will save you and cover up any problem areas. : – )

Have fun getting fit for summer, but don’t take it too seriously. A healthy lifestyle is important, but ice cream is important too (in moderation).

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