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Spring Accessories


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Spring is the time to get out your floral dresses, sheer blouses and cute ballet flats- but it’s also the time to opt for some different accessories. While winter calls for heavy, gold necklaces and dark clutches, spring allows for more colour and you’ll enjoy sporting more delicate items. Accessories are so important and can really round off an outfit and give it that certain something. I have three little sections in my wardrobe: winter accessories, in-between accessories, and spring/summer accessories. And let me tell you- the spring/summer section looks the happiest.

I don’t know what it is about people sporting  only dark and muted colours during the colder months of the year and suddenly rediscovering what colour really means come March or April. But this phenomenon repeats itself year after year and I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. But, it also means that now is the perfect time to put those black handbags and dark brown clutches away and start adding a little more life to your ensembles. Dreamy pastel clutches, patterned handbags and beautiful embellished crossbody bags are just waiting for you to take them out into the sunshine :) Really have fun with it, because winter and all those dull colours will be back before you know it!

Your jewellery options are endless this time of the year! Adding a pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit is always a great option, but there is more to spring/summer jewellery than that. Try something you wouldn’t normally wear! Anklets offer a fun way to welcome spring and warmer days, and toe rings are also an option. In combination with vibrant nail polish, your feet will look sunshine-tastic!

Belts will also want to jump on the colour bandwagon this spring. While they are mostly covered by heavy, wooly jumpers during winter, someone might actually catch a glimpse of your belt during the warmer months of the year. Choose happy colours and match them to your other accessories for a structured look, or clash them with other colours and patterns if you’re feeling more creative.

Enjoy mixing and matching your spring accessories! And let me know if you have any other inspiring ideas :)

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