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St. Patty’s Day Fashion!


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As you all probably know, today is St. Patrick’s day, the wonderful day when green becomes a mandatory fashion statement and a pint of Guinness (or four) is considered an acceptable breakfast by many people.

There are a wide range of different beliefs about the origins of St. Patrick’s day, the most popular being that St. Patrick drove all of the snakes out of Ireland (as opposed to the lovely Irish weather), but more importantly the holiday is a celebration of Irish culture and heritage around the world.

Of course, the most popular St. Patty’s day tradition (besides drinking copious amounts of alcohol) is “the wearing of the green.” There are plenty of ways to wear green with pride, be it through simple green eye-shadow and a green scarf to going full on green trousers and jumper. Above are a few of my favourite St. Patty’s day looks that I’ve compiled, which I hope give you some inspiration for today’s outfit if you are not already up and about!

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