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Step Back From Social Media

step back from social media

As you read this, you are using a piece of technology. Be it a desktop computer, a smart phone or a portable tablet, you are connected in some way to the internet. This is a normal occurrence, but we may all be starting to get out of hand with our attachments to our handheld devices. Think about it: if you evaluate every time you looked down at your phone, even when nothing new was happening, how many minutes could you have saved and used doing something else?

The problem is not answering an email, checking a text or updating Instagram: the problem is that touching our devices out of habit has become the worst habit of them all. Even when we don’t receive a new alert from our iPads, we still unlock, swipe and scroll aimlessly in the hopes that something in the online world has changed.

We don’t only do this while we are bored (waiting at the bus stop, for example); we sit at the dinner table with our friends and peruse through our Facebook feeds. We are talking to someone in real life but texting someone else, and when you finally meet up with the person you’ve been texting, it’s on to typing to the next victim in your contact list.

Social media has made us less social, so take a step back every once in a while from your online life so you don’t miss something in your real life.

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