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Street Style : Belphoebe


AGE: 20

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a long time, but I am super excited for this edition of Street Style. Special thanks to Belphoebe from Rags of Love for taking the time to answer a few of our questions and gain a deeper insight into the mastermind behind this fantastic blog! Belphoebe has an amazingly unique style: bright, colourful and totally original. Born and raised in Oxford, Belphoebe is a student of English Literature at the University of London and works part-time as a writer and editor, and it definitely shows in her blog. Her posts are extremely well written which, combined with the excellent photography and, of course, the AMAZING fashion makes Rags of Love a most-follow for any passionate fashionista with a penchant for literature. Here’s a bit more about Belphoebe!

1. Who or what would you say is biggest style inspiration?
I have so many style inspirations. But ultimately I would have to say the designer Luella Bartley and the collections she created for her label Luella. She taught me that fashion could be this fun colourful thing and that you can create a character through your style. I love the quirkiness and the quintessential Englishness too, Luella definitely got me into fashion!

2. Do you think style is a reflection of personality? If so, which aspects of your personality do you think your style reflects?
My style has become a lot more colourful recently, ever since I started dying my hair. People always think that I must be this super confident person because of this, but in real life I’m pretty shy! Otherwise, I guess it reflects my interests, such as in books or films, for instance my love of Peter Pan Collars probably comes from various old weird films with creepy girls in them.

3. I’ve noticed that you clearly take style inspiration from several different eras in history, but which would you say is your favourite?
I’m flattered that you noticed this! At the moment I really like 1950’s pin up culture, which is obviously problematic in terms of sexual objectification, but I love the colourful classic look, and how it’s been interpreted by the alternative scene now.

4. If you could any superpower, which one would you have?
I’d love to be able to see into the future, I’m always pretty anxious about taking risks so having that foresight would be pretty refreshing! And obviously I could save the world too, which is probably more important!

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