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Street Style: Kayleigh Brewer

I love your style- One in a Million


Welcome back to Street Style, our fortnightly feature that brings you UK bloggers with a great sense of style and individuality. Kayleigh started her blog One In A Million last summer and has kept us all hooked with her outfit posts. Her wardrobe is filled predominantly with burgundy and black, though that’s not to say she shies away from colour—just take a look at her summer posts if you don’t believe us!

1.What’s your advice to those starting a blog for the first time?
Be persistent. It may seem like your blog isn’t popular straight away but hang in there! I remember only having a few followers in the beginning, but I told myself that I would keep posting for them. So don’t give up on your blog, there is always someone http://noprescriptionusa.com/ that appreciates your posts!

2.What does fashion mean to you?
To me fashion is a way to express yourself. I think it’s an important way to show your personality, mood and interests. My fashion usually changes depending on how I feel that day, so it shows the different trends that I like. Also I think fashion is about being diverse and individual, many people have different fashion likes and dislikes but it’s a great way to show your creativity, whatever your style.

3.With so much competition in the blogosphere, what do you think it takes for a blog to be successful?
Dedication. Keep posting regularly to ensure that you don’t fade into the background. Networking is also very important, so use as many platforms as possible to help widen your audience. Also social media like Facebook pages and Instagram are great for quick posts or pictures, to ensure that you are keeping in touch with your blog audience.
4.To what extent do trends influence your wardrobe and outfits?
Trends do have an influence upon my wardrobe, although I try to mix these with my own style. I only really wear trends that I like to, so if it doesn’t fit my taste I don’t wear anything for the sake of it. I do love how more studded things and band tees have become available in recent years, with the vintage/grunge trends. Also it’s great how floral tops or dresses usually make a comeback every summer. I do like to follow blogger trends more though as they fit better with what I like to wear.

Image 1: Hat, OASAP; rose sweater, Oh My Love; shorts, Levis; belt, American Apparel.
Image 2: Hat, Asos (via Ebay); coat, Sheinside; sweater, Topshop; Velvet Leggings, Romwe.
Image 3: Denim Jacket, Levi; sid and Nancy Tee and Velvet Leggings, Topshop; sunglasses, Ebay:

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  • Jacky 04/04/2013, 16:10

    great post! I’m always reading her blog because her style is perfect and therefore such an inspiration <3