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Street Style : Rachel German

Street Style Rachel German

Hello lovelies, and welcome back to Street Style! This fortnight’s featured blogger is Rachel German – the brains behind Cold Knees! Rachel is a 27 year old Londoner with a killer sense of humour that makes an appearance in pretty much all of her posts. Rachel’s eclectic taste in fashion makes her blog a really interesting read; all of her outfits are unique and truly inspirational, which is why we’re so excited to talk to her here on Street Style!

How has blogging affected your daily life?

This is a funny question to answer now actually as blogging has started to take a bit of a back seat, hopefully just temporarily! However usually at weekends I consider what could make a “bloggable” outfit and where we can go to take some good outfit shots (this usually just ends up being a brick wall down the street..) but I guess it means I think a bit more creatively about what clothes and accessories to put together. In the week I don’t always make so much of an effort- I have to roll out of bed and get ready for work pretty quickly!

If you could travel back to any year in history and go on a one-day, no-budget shopping spree, “when” would you go?

I know the twenties are having a bit of a moment these days thanks to Mr. Gatsby but I’ve always had a thing 1940s clothes, so maybe a shopping spree in London to be decked out nicely, including victory rolls for my hair.. OR maybe I’d go further back and have some tailor made refined Tudor garb created for me, if Henry VIII lets me. Tough one to call!

What aspects of your personality do you think are best reflected in your style?

I think it would have to be creativity… I can dress quite differently one day to the next- Breton top, jeans and flats on Monday, floral dress and boots the next, or Converse and a shirt… I don’t think I have one particular style although maybe what brings it all together is just being a bit more out there at times (I have an interesting patterned trouser collection) but generally creative! (well I try).


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