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Street Style Stars You Need to Know

street style stars

We all know of street style blogs; they are the places which showcase the prettiest people wandering the sidewalks, both during fashion week seasons as well as on any regular Wednesday. We often gawk and admire the beautiful birds featured in the picture, but who we forget to think about are the talented lads behind the lenses.

Capturing street style is not all fun and games. It’s people-stalking and following around for the right shot, it’s hours of editing and filtering through pictures to find the perfect one, and it’s long hours of training, travelling and networking. The work needs to be appreciated, and here are a couple of sites not always in the spotlight but who still deserve due attention.

Tommy Ton
Okay, okay this blog is constantly in the spotlight but it rightly deserves to be there. Photographer Tommy Ton (guess where the blog name comes from?) is an ace in capturing every interesting detail. Full body shots aren’t his specialty: it’s getting the shots of small things that most people might not notice (like a stellar shoe or bombastic bag) that he excels at.

Where Did U Get That:Street
Originally only a style blogger, Karen of Where Did U Get That decided to expand her skill set and create a street style division of her site. From her home of London to her new home of New York, Karen captures quirky, original styles similar to her own.

Hel Looks
No, these aren’t looks which equal the anti-thesis of heaven (please mind the bad joke.) Hel Looks features style from Helsinki, Findland. Because the country is so small, it’s stylish street dwellers often aren’t highlighted… but this blog proves that they sure have a lot to offer.

Stil in Berlin
‘Stil,’ the German word for ‘style,’ is most definitely showcased by this beautiful German blog that was born in Berlin but now spans the globe. Featuring different settings, such as ‘Street’ ‘Store’ and ‘Wearing,’ this blog covers every kind of practical style that you would want to feast you eyes upon.

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