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Superpower Tuna Salad

Superpower Tuna Salad

Salads can get repetitive and boring, and sticking with the same ‘lettuce cucumber tomato’ strategy will make you loathe eating healthy. Mix things up with this tuna salad that mixes crispy and soft, warm and cold and healthy and super tasty. The quantity of ingredients can be altered as you wish; if you don’t like one of them, they can easily be substituted for something else as tuna is extremely versatile and tastes good with almost anything. This salad is easy to create, fast and most imporantly: tasty. Plus it will give you magical powers so you can show off your inner unicorn!

1 can of tuna (in sunflower or olive oil)
lettuce (green and/or purple)
spring onions
pesto (green basil pesto tastes the best)

Step 1: Pour about half of the tuna oil away, and put the remaining tuna and oil into a pan. Roast until crispy.
Step 2: Chop olives & spring onion and add to tuna in pan.
Step 3: Place tuna mix on top of lettuce, and mix in pesto. Add balsamic dressing if you desire.

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