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The Anti-Valentine’s Day Ensemble


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Before you hop on the train of thought that leads you to believe that the next few paragraphs will be ‘I hate men and any holiday that revolves around love': stop.  Everyone is completely entitled to celebrate whatever relationship they see fit, be it a new flame or a long time love or simply a fantastic friendship. But doing it on February 14th doesn’t mean you have to smother yourself in red to fit in: hearts are cute, but an edgier ensemble might be cuter.

Take a cue from the ladies highlighted above: long, flowing fabrics always exude a romantic flair, so play off the intensity of a long flowy dress or skirt by adding rougher accessories and some leather.

It’s fine to get flowers from your lover and use them as an adorable accessory: pile on the layers of darker coats, sweaters and different textures and top it all off with some bright blooms.

You can also embrace shades like red and pink without being overly bold: go for darker colors like burgundy and oxblood to exude a sophisticated vibe without going  full on girly girl.

Whatever you choose to do or wear, whether it’s an expensive candlelit dinner or a fun and wild night on the town, be sure to be chic while doing it on the day of love!

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