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The Birkenstock Trend

The Birkenstock Trend

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Ok, don’t freak out! I know Birkenstocks were once pretty much the least cool shoes on the planet (except for Crocs maybe) and words like ‘chunky’ and ‘ugly’ come to mind, but things have changed. Bloggers around the globe are incorporating Birkenstock shoes into their outfits and strutting their stuff in these comfortable and functional shoes; without looking like hobos or hippies, I might add. Birkenstock now equals street style chic and if you’re not convinced, let me give you some styling ideas for the coolest shoe on the block at the moment.

1) If you’re a little unsure whether you like this trend or not, you might want to start off with a Birkenstock-inspired shoe instead of the real thing. These can be a little more elegant and a little less ’functional’.
2) Keep the rest of your outfit relatively elegant. I’m talking feminine jumpsuits or flowing dresses. Your Birkenstocks will look great as a contrast.
3) Birkenstocks don’t have to be beige or brown. Opt for pink, green or blue to really make a fashion statement this summer.
4) I know they’re pricy, but designer Birkenstock-inspired shoes are also an option. Check out Marni or Givenchy- they interpreted the Birkenstock trend really well (in my opinion). Think fluorescent materials and exciting colours. Basically: a luxe reinterpretation of the classic Birkenstock.

So, what do you think? So hot or so not?

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