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Today… is not my day.


We all have them – those days, or weeks (or month, or even your yeeeeaarr chachachacha!) when nothing is going right. Maybe you just woke up on a side of the bed so wrong you didn’t even know it existed, and your terrifyingly horrible mood is just making every aspect of your day seem like some sort of sadistic, punitive drudgery. Maybe your body is falling apart at the seams on you for no apparent reason. Maybe you got dumped; maybe your cat died; maybe you’re just having bad luck. Whatever the cause or reason, we’ve all been there: the place where you honestly just feel like hammers are falling out of the sky right onto your head. There are, however, ways to deal with these days/weeks, and I thought I would share with you a few of my favourites.

1. A long, slow, meditative jog: I’m the kind of person who can easily get into a rut without enough exercise, though with too much, I can also crash pretty quickly. I find that when my body is just feeling a bit out of sorts, a long, slow, easy jog – ideally somewhere quiet and pretty – which allows me to just kind of wander off with my thoughts as I go, is just the thing I need to help me get back on track, followed by….

2. A big, healthy green salad: While most of us crave carb- and fat-laden junk food on our bad days, I’ve noticed that weighing my system down with more toxins usually just makes me feel worse. Lately I’ve started forcing myself to reach for healthy foods when I find myself in one of these ruts, and it will usually make me feel much, much better for it the next day.

3. A clean room full of clean clothes: We’re all guilty of occasionally letting the laundry pile up, and letting various papers, bits and bobs get scattered across the room. When I’m having a bad day, I often try to convince myself that I am too tired to tidy up, but when I just suck it up and get everything done, it leaves me able to start the next day fresh and satisfied, without any clutter getting in my way in the morning. Bonus points for putting fresh sheets on the bed!

4. A long, lukewarm shower: Most people go for baths when they’re stressed, but to be perfectly honest, I’m not a big fan of them. When I’m stressed, I prefer a long shower under temperate water: not so hot as to be stupefying, but not abrasively cold either. The tapping of the water raining down is soothing and almost massage-like, but also energizing as well. Also, nothing feels better than being fresh and clean.

5. A good night’s rest: As tempting as it may be to binge-watch my favourite television programme until the wee hours in an effort to forget about all of my problems, I know deep down that this is not the solution. It is always better to crawl into bed at a sensible hour, read a good book for half an hour or so, and get myself a good night’s sleep, so I can start the next day with a much better outlook!

I hope these tips and tricks help you if you’re having a bad day/week, and if not… well at least today is Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

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