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Trashion – Fashion That’s Good For More Than Just Your Eyeballs

Maybe you’ve seen someone carrying a bag, or a street merchant selling an assortment of accessories… made of what you are absolutely certain is Capri-Sun packaging. I’ve been noticing more and more of this type of recycled fashion on the streets – and have especially noticed that it has in many places moved beyond the realm of accessories, and it’s made me curious about the whole concept. Here’s what I’ve found out:


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Trashion began as an artistic movement, most pieces only falling under the haute couture category.

What is Trashion?

The word “trashion” is a combination of the words “trash” and “fashion”, and is used to describe any wearable clothing item or accessory that has been constructed fully or partially out of materials that have been used, thrown out and repurposed. It started as a haut-couture art movement, but has gradually made its way into mainstream fashion, while simultaneously changing the center of its focus from art to a form of environmentalism. I know that I like to be as environmentally conscious as I can be, so the idea of carrying a bag or umbrella, or even wearing an outfit, made of recycled materials certainly appeals to me (so long as the outfit is still comfortable… I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to get poked by little metal bits in my dress all day, thanks).

Who Makes Trashion?

Trashion is made by a diverse range of people all around the world: everyone from top-end haute couture designers to humble street artists and merchants. Particularly worth noting is the fact that trashion is almost exclusively fair-trade, meaning that the people who make it earn a living wage for their labour. So, fashion that is both environmentally and economically sustainable – sounds great to me! You can also try out some great trashion brands like OutsaPop and Vaho.


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Over the years, trashion has become much more wearable.

Why Should You Wear Trashion?

I already went over some of the broader reasons for wearing trashion: it’s friendly to the environment in that it keeps waste materials that would normally pile up in landfills and harm the environment in use, and reduces the need for further material production, as well as the fact that it is a fair and sustainable source of income in many socio-economic groups. Another important reason to wear trashion is, of course, the fact that it often looks amazing! Most trashion pieces are one-of-a-kind, meaning that your look will be totally unique, and they typically manage to capture a hip, urban vibe that looks great on everyone!

So tell us – what do you think of trashion? Would you wear something made out of entirely recycled materials?


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