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What is ‘I love your style’?


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Fashion blogs are a dime a dozen. Many bloggers report on exciting news from the fashion industry, on the successful and not so successful looks of the stars and highlight designers up and coming collections. So far, so good – but there is still a significant number of bloggers that try to be at the pinnacle of fashion blogs: the outfit-posting!

Individuals who have a passion for fashion post photos on their blogs of their outfits that they create on a daily basis from the content of their carefully chosen wardrobe and wait patiently for the honest opinions from the savvy fashion blog community. This can be daunting and it takes a bold blogger who is confident with their own, unique style to put themselves at the forefront of criticism. Also the imagination and creativity of these outfit posts can vary greatly and this is certainly no secret in the blogosphere.


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For these reasons we have decided to award bloggers who we believe to have a great sense of style an ‘I love your style’ award. This accolade will acknowledge the creativity and individuality of their outfits, recognise their clear sense of fashion and, of course, award them the stylefruits seal of approval. The award is intended to help search for interesting fashion blogs with innovative outfit posts and also to honour those who inspire us with their outfits and give us many new fashion ideas!

All the awarded blogs will be presented in detail here on the blog and are also included in the Hall of Fame at kombinationswunder. stylefruits.de

Anyone who believes their blog is worthy of the award, or follows a blog with fantastic outfits and thinks the blog deserves recognition, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below.

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